Quantum computing OS could speed up arrival of powerful PCs

Quantum Computing

Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQCL) has developed a new OS designed to run the quantum computers that will shape our future.

The new OS, which is called t|kit>, has been facilitated by CQCL's own proprietary custom designed high-speed super computer and this allowed the company to accurately mimic how a quantum processor will work.

"CQCL is at the forefront of developing an operating system that will allow users to harness the joint power of classical super computers alongside quantum computers. The development of t|ket> is a major milestone," read a statement from the company. "Quantum computing will be a reality much earlier than originally anticipated. It will have profound and far-reaching effects on a vast number of aspects of our daily lives."

Working QC is getting closer

Even though it can be extremely expensive, Quantum computing has been coming on leaps and bounds in the past 12 months, and the speed it completes complex tasks when compared to regular PCs is one of the biggest advantages it brings.

CQCL's release comes in the same week that IBM brought us even closer to a working quantum computer by accomplishing simultaneous error detection of two quantum errors.

Alongside this it also unveiled a design that makes its quantum computer highly scalable thus bringing it closer to becoming a realistic proposition.