Watch Elden Ring's two toughest bosses go head-to-head thanks to a bloodthirsty mod

Malenia takes on Radahn in boss vs boss fight
(Image credit: Garden of Eyes via YouTube)

You can now watch Elden Ring's two toughest bosses go head-to-head thanks to a bloodthirsty modder. Malenia the Severed goes up against General Radahn in a lore encapsulating bout for the ages – who are you putting your money on?

The canonically appropriate Elden Ring clash was created by YouTuber Garden of Eyes . The Goddess of Rot is taking on the Starscourge in a three-round match with a cheeky bonus round tacked onto the end, for those who crave carnage. Check it out below:  

In Elden Ring lore, Malenia and Radahn had a big scrap that ended up with Malenia resorting to some nefarious tactics to win – depending on who you ask in the subreddit. After almost being vanquished, she pulled out all the stops and let loose with the delightfully named Scarlet Rot to finish Radahn. 

Unfortunately for everyone in the surrounding area of Caelid, the Scarlet Rot wasn't just contained to Radahn. It drove him mad, and continued to spill out, infecting the land. The Elden Ring player base is torn as to whether this counts as a draw, a win for Malenia, or fighting dirty for a stolen victory. But who cares, because you can watch them brawl it out over a bucket of popcorn rather than debating all of that.

I won't spoil it for you with who wins, but if you like that, expect to see a lot more boss on boss action in the near future. 

Garden of Eyes has dabbled with pitting video game bosses against one another before and has built up quite the library of videos. Want to see Bloodborne's Lady Maria fight those big sharks in that one well? Here you go. What about Lady Maria going one on one with Resident Evil Village's Lady Dimitrescu? You'll find that on the YouTube channel too.

So if you want to see the characters who beat you get their comeuppance, you can check out the channel for epic battles and a good dollop of payback. 

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