This super-slim flash memory could be the perfect way to boost your 5G smartphone’s storage

Kioxia 1TB flash memory
(Image credit: Kioxia)

KIOXIA has announced the launch of a new entry into its embedded flash memory family as it looks to meet the increasing demands of data-intensive users.

The new 1TB device is just 1.1mm across, making it the thinnest 1TB UFS around offering low-power, ultra-high-speed read/write performance that can perform error correction and logical address translation.

KIOXIA says the new chips are perfect for data-hungry devices such as high-end 5G phones, which often have to process and transfer large amounts of information on mobile applications.

5G smartphones

The growth of high-end 5G smartphones has led to manufacturers needing to make a tough decision on how much storage to bundle with their devices at launch - meaning flash memory has also become much more popular as users hunt for extra capacity.

To aid this, the KIOXIA UFS flash memory device is built around the company’s BiCS FLASH 3D offering that claims to bring about a sequential read speed of up to 2,050MB/sec and a sequential write speed of up to 1,200MB/sec.

The new UFS 1TB device features WriteBooster to enable faster write speeds. To boost random read performance, the storage device has a Host Performance Booster (HPB) version 2.0 to use the host side memory to store logical to physical translation tables.

“KIOXIA continues to demonstrate its leadership in UFS memory with the introduction of the world’s thinnest package 1TB UFS device,” noted Scott Beekman, senior director of managed flash memory products for KIOXIA America, Inc. “As we scale to higher densities and increase performance, we enable the next generation of smartphones and mobile applications to continue to expand their features and capabilities.”

There’s no news yet on the availability or pricing of the 1TB UFS device.