Modded Game Boy Advance is a Switch-like console that fuses Nintendo's past and present

A GBA operated by Joy-Cons
(Image credit: Macho Nacho Productions / YouTube)

Game Boy Advance modder Macho Nacho Productions has created a mod that enables the retro handheld device to work with Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers and includes TV-output support.

As spotted by Gizmodo, Macho Nacho Productions – which is already a big part of the GBA modding community – developed and then 3D-printed a custom backing to the machine to allow the Joy-Con to clip onto a Game Boy Advance SP, as well as a more generous battery and a custom Raspberry Pi Zero.

"I turned a Game Boy Advance SP into a Switch-like console!" they explained in the video description. 

"You can play the GBA SP using official Nintendo Joycons [sic] both on the console and wirelessly off the console. You can dock the GBA SP to play it on a TV as well!

"This is effectively what a Switch may have looked like during the era of the Game Boy Advance. Well probably not, but it’s still pretty neat to think about! I had a blast working with [their friend] Kyle to make this vision a reality and I hope you find this build both entertaining, fun, and interesting!"

While it does make the GBA SP look a little chunkier than usual, it's an incredible technological feat, not least because the team has kindly shared all their learnings and files on GitHub so you can try it, too (if you're brave enough, of course).

Yesterday, Nintendo confirmed it is cutting its production of Switch consoles by 20% because of the ongoing chip shortage, amending its production schedule to 24 million Switch consoles, down from its original target of 30 million.

Analysis: Will this modded GBA suffer from Joy-Con drift too?

While the Nintendo Switch and its sibling the Switch Lite continue to sell out around the world, one dreaded problem remains: Joy-Con drift. 

Joy-Con drift happens when the Joy-Con’s thumbstick detects movement, even when the player isn’t touching the Joy-Con. This means that during your gaming sessions you might find your character wandering off on their own, which can be problematic in some types of games. While OG Switch owners can purchase new Joy-Con as a quick solution to the problem, the Switch Lite, unfortunately, does not have detachable Joy-Cons, which means there's no easy (if pricey) fix.

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