The case for AV-over-IP switching

(Image credit: / edwardolive)

The disruptive power of Ethernet has become obvious in the professional AV industry. In order to deliver more AV sources to more destinations at distances further away, the incorporation of novel topologies is being considered. 

These topologies entail Ethernet switches taking the place of traditional matrix switches, providing multiple advantages. The AV-over-IP approach deployed at The Quadram Institute in Norwich, England, has already demonstrated outstanding results.

This document aims to present the value of using a 10GB and higher Ethernet switching infrastructure through real-life use cases, provided by NETGEAR’s M4300 and M4500 Series AV-over-IP switching solutions. 

With the help of its proprietary IGMP Plus network configuration, the vendor’s solutions can provide up to 100GB switching in a preconfigured, plug-and-play experience for true multicast AV. The solutions are easy to install, intuitive, secure, and flexible.

In addition to acknowledging the vast market potential for 10GB, the whitepaper also explains how the company can offer cost-effective AV-over-IP solutions based on 1GB-connectivity for clients that require it. The said solutions can benefit these clients with their simplicity, reliability, and scalability. Whatever the use case, NETGEAR can provide the right switch.

These switches can not only be expanded and upgraded, but also meet nearly every budgetary and performance requirement with their modular and flexible approach, up to 100GB bandwidth.

Learn more by downloading the whitepaper.