Comcast is blocking HBO Go on PS4


PS4 owners have been waiting for the HBO Go app since the console launched, and they were thrilled to finally get it this week - all but those who subscribe to Comcast, that is.

The HBO Go app requires users to sign in using their cable subscription credentials, but those trying to access it with a PS4 on Comcast don't even see the provider as an option in the app, reports The Verge.

Comcast has put roadblocks up for HBO Go on a variety of platforms, including Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV, and only some of those roadblocks have gone away.

For example: the PS3's HBO Go app, which launched exactly one year ago, still doesn't work for Comcast subscribers.

Whether Comcast's beef is with HBO or with Sony, it seems for now a lot of users are out of luck when it comes to accessing a service that they're paying for.

We asked a Comcast representative whether that will change any time soon, and we'll update you here if they get back to us.