Stray is such a hit that the cat is getting put into Doom

Cat from Stray wearing Doomguy's helmet next to Doom logo with a cat face on it
(Image credit: Edy Pagaza)

Doomguy goes feral thanks to a new Stray Doom mod that turns the ass-kicking space marine into a ginger cat.  

Stray has turned out to be a runaway hit, due in large part to humanity's feline obsession. While cats were once a staple of scrawlings in ancient Egypt, the internet is the new medium where we can worship everything from their toe beans to their prickly personalities. We love cats so much, there are even Stray mods that let you put your own cat in the game

But now we're at the point where Stray is spilling over into other titles. And Doom modder Edy Pagaza has the purrr-fect one lined up for us. "I know 'Can it run Doom?' is a thing, but I also think 'Can you put it in Doom?'", they tweeted, before teasing the upcoming Stray Doom mod with a trailer.    

Ultimate space meow-rine

As well as causing the requisite amount of carnage, Stray's cat has retained some of his original moves. In the trailer, we can see him having an impromptu cleaning, as well as taking a load off after his killing spree with a nice lie down. Not unlike actual cats nonchalantly taking in the aftermath of their barbarous, real life antics.

He's also armed and kills anything that moves. The accuracies of this mod are endless, it seems. Murder mittens are dangerous enough for your housecat. Just be grateful it hasn't developed opposable thumbs and found the gun safe, because this is a glimpse of that future.

The Stray Doom mod is going live today, July 27, according to the YouTube video's description. Pagaza hasn't specified where it's going to be when it rolls out, but you'll likely find it over on his page on Mod DB. Keep an eye on his mods page and Twitter account if you can't wait to get your paws on it.

Over in the world of Stray mods, you can crank things up a notch by playing splitscreen multiplayer. PS4 and PS5 gamers may not have mods, but they can try Stray for free along with a bunch of other games. You just need to sign up for a free PS Plus trial.    

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