Corsair brings out new Force Series SSDs

The latest SSDs will join Corsair's Force range
The latest SSDs will join Corsair's Force range

Gaming hardware manufacturer Corsair has added a pair of new models to its Force Series of solid state drives (SSD).

The F90 and F180 have, respectively, densities of 90GB and 180GB.

With read speeds up to 285MB/s and write speeds that can reach 275MB/s, as well as a 4K random write throughput going up to 50,000 IOPs, these are industrial-strength SSDs, and are meant to have enterprise-level performance, even though they're aimed squarely at the gaming market.

The new additions fill out in the company's Force line.


"Corsair's Force Series of SSDs have become extremely popular with enthusiasts and gamers, and with these two new capacities we can offer our customers greater flexibility to choose the capacity that best suits their budget," stated Thi La, VP of memory products at Corsair.

"The 90GB and 180GB capacities neatly fill the gaps in the current family, which now ranges from 40GB all the way to 240GB."

Like the others in the Force line, the F90 and F180 are built using the Sandforce SF-1200 SSD Processor and implement the ATA TRIM command, which is supported by Windows 7 and ensures optimal performance for the entire lifetime of the drive.

Both the new SSDs are now available, with recommended prices of $189.99 (around £120) for the F90 and $399.99 (£257) for the F180.