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With data becoming the most important resource for most businesses today, the need for effective systems to analyse and manage their information is more crucial than ever.

At its recent .conf19 event in Las Vegas, Splunk unveiled its latest generation of tools and services as the company makes its push to become the "Data-to-Everything" platform into as many businesses as possible.

With CEO Doug Merritt highlighting in his keynote the "infinite opportunity" that in-depth data-driven insight can provide to businesses, and 92 of the Fortune 100 using Splunk services, the company is incredibly well-placed to profit from the explosion of data brought on by the information age.


"We have really pushed to be a multi-product company, and this is the effort to do so - the beauty of it is, with data use growing 40-plus percent for enterprises, the nature of those problems are changing and evolving," Sendur Sellakumar, Splunk senior vice president of cloud and chief product officer, told TechRadar Pro at .conf19.

He adds that offering a broad portfolio of services will help customers address their broader, more diverse needs as they look to get even more out of their data going forward, with operational data growing exponentially, whereas structural data is not quite as rapid.

Customers needs are clearly a priority for Sellakumar and Splunk, as he mentions putting the customer first multiple times during our briefing. But Splunk has undoudbtedly seen a huge amount of success from addressing these needs head-on, talking to their users and to developers to discover particular pain points, and then tackle these in its new releases.

Sellakumar notes that many in the technology industry still see Splunk as just an IT or security company, whereas in reality the company can offer so much more.

“At the end of the day, one of the unique things about Splunk is...that we're not just focused on one problem," he says, "we take a broad-base approach to solve very bespoke problems."

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The company's Splunk Enterprise product remains the keystone of its release cycle, with Sellakumar noting that "it's still the foundation for us - it's the central part of our data-to-everything platform," and this year's event seeing the release of Splunk Enterprise 8.0. 

So as businesses look to get more out of their data, the need for a powerful, knowledgeable partner such as Splunk is vital, with Sellakumar keen to emphasise just how key this can be.

"We want to be the data destination for operational data," he says, "that is, fundamentally, what Splunk is."

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