Splashtop adds low latency 4K and 5K video streaming support

remote desktop
(Image credit: Shutterstock)

One of the leading remote desktop services around today, Splashtop, has announced a potentially game-changing update for its creative users

The enhanced package will now enable customers to stream to multiple monitors in 4K resolution, and even to iMac Pro Retina 5K devices.

Splashtop expects this upgrade to make a real difference to video editors and 3D designers using CAM/CAD applications who need to work with high definition content remotely.

JumpCloud partnership

In its release announcement, Splashtop touts figures from a recent benchmarking exercise which show that the platform is able to reach a steady 37 frames per second (fps) while streaming 4K content over a regular LTE connection. According to the test, carried out in partnership with Japanese mobile operator NTT Docomo, highs of 60fps can be reached if Splashtop users connect via 5G.

What’s more, Splashtop has simultaneously halved its CPU utilization. Apparently, these achievements were made possible by taking advantage of new hardware acceleration from chip manufacturers like Intel and AMD, and by better optimizing the Splashtop’s encoding and decoding engines.

Major performance upgrades aren’t the only thing that Splashtop has been working on. Thanks to a newly formed partnership with JumpCloud, Splashtop has been able to add SSO authentication to its platform. 

IT teams grappling with increased security hazards stemming from the massive jump in the number of people working at home will be glad to hear that Splashtop now provides device-level identity checks. This should improve user-experience while enabling companies to verify that passwords are compliant with security requirements.