Windows 10 leaked build shows work on Edge browser and messaging

Windows 10
Microsoft continues to beaver away at Windows 10

Microsoft continues to hone Windows 10, of course, and a new preview build of the operating system has been leaked showing a number of interesting changes.

As Betanews reports, the leaked build 10558 of Windows 10 has some handy little additions, one of which is tweaks to the context menus to make them slightly smaller and neater.

The Edge browser, which is something of a constant work in progress since the launch of Microsoft's desktop OS, has also witnessed the introduction of previews of tabs. These allow you to mouse-over a tab to see a small pop-up preview of the web page, in the same way you can get preview windows of apps in the taskbar. The browser's download manager has also been tweaked.

Tablet tricks

And there's one change tablet users will definitely welcome – the introduction of the ability to install apps to locations other than the main drive (or indeed partition) where Windows is installed.

In other words, if you're running out of space with your tablet's main storage, you'll be able to save stuff out to a microSD card, which will be very handy.

This will also be useful for desktop PC users who might be running a low capacity SSD as their primary drive, wanting to save apps out to a larger secondary spinning hard disk. (via Slashgear) also spotted other minor tweaks including some new icons for devices in the Control Panel, along with a new messaging app which supports Skype, and will eventually introduce support for SMS messages.

All in all, there's definitely some useful stuff here, and it shouldn't be long before Windows 10 users get the benefit of these features.

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