The newest Windows 10 preview build is now available

In tablet mode
In tablet mode

Microsoft has unveiled its latest Windows 10 preview build. The new trial version of the operating system, Build 10547, is available for Fast Ring Windows Insiders and will include Start menu enhancements, new Tablet Mode features and interface improvements.

Among the many changes available in Build 10547 is a Start menu update that enables you to include a fourth column of medium-sized tiles. This gives you immediate access to more Windows 10 apps and folders without having to click into your applications folder.

Improvements to Tablet mode in the new build allow you to snap apps both left and right (rather than only to the left). Additionally, you can swipe down to close an application, similar to how you would swipe up to close an app in iOS.

What else?

Microsoft has updated its Photos app to simplify how you see your OneDrive and PC folders. Apps like Groove, Mail and Calendar and Maps have also received minor updates.

The new build allows you to turn off the Windows background picture in the sign-in screen. You will also notice that the text input panel will expand as you input text in order to provide more viewing space within your document.

Bug fixes

Microsoft has improved a bug that showed users an error message within the Start menu.

Some users reported seeing a notification icon within the Action Center tile even though no notifications were available. This has been corrected.

You can now shuffle your backgrounds to appear in a random order rather than being forced to display them in the order they are aligned within your folder.

Remaining issues

Windows Store apps may not update automatically. This will require you to manually open download updates from within the Windows Store, should you require one.

If you try to download the preview build and you see a warning message in your Windows Update folder, disregard this message, Microsoft said, in a statement.

The next major Windows 10 update

Windows 10 is expected to undergo a major revamp in November. The update will likely include Edge extensions and performance enhancements, and a new universal Messaging app for the desktop, among other updates.

The update, which Microsoft is internally calling "Windows 10 Update for November" or "Windows 10 November Update," has been available to Windows Insiders since mid-August. However, Microsoft is continually refining the operating system based on the feedback of its power users, so expect to see updates and preview builds into perpetuity.