Microsoft opens up Windows 10 launch website

Windows 10 Launch Site

Microsoft's excitement over Windows 10 is currently reaching fever pitch and to celebrate, it has opened up the virtual doors to its new launch site.

The new Windows 10 launch site explains that the new OS will be out on tomorrow, July 29 and gives you a list of 10 reasons why you need to load up your PC with the new software.

Microsoft's list of 10 reasons why you should upgrade to Windows 10 are as follows:

  • Familiarity in Windows 10
  • Do personal things with Cortana on Windows 10
  • Do unexpected things with Microsoft Edge
  • Game Epically on Windows 10
  • Do multiple things at once with Windows 10
  • Security in Windows 10
  • Say "Hello" to Windows Hello on Windows 10
  • A look at the great built-in apps in Windows 10
  • Continuum on Windows 10
  • Coming July 28th

20 new features

Elsewhere on the launch site there's a huge map where tweets from Windows 10 fans using the #UpgradeYourWorld hashtag will show up from anyone in one of the 190 countries in which it is being released. There's even a Windows 10 Quick Guide to assist new users getting to grips with the OS for the first time.

Even though some features will be lost when you upgrade, there are 20 smart new and improved features that come as part of the package and it's likely this will persuade users to grab Windows 10 with both hands.