Latest Windows 10 build popular among desktop, laptop owners

Windows 10
It's got off to a good start

Microsoft has released more details about its latest Windows 10 build, version 9860 (the original one was 9841), a few days after it was rolled out.

According to a chart posted on Twitter by the director of Windows program management, Gabriel Aul, 41% of users installed the build on desktops, compared with nearly a third on laptops and 22% choosing a VM as their default Windows 10 platform. Additionally, 5% installed Windows 10 "bleeding edge" on a tablet, all-in-one (AIO) PC or something else.

We know already that one million people have signed up for Windows 10 preview which means that there's potentially just as many installs out in the wild.

Upon release, 36% installed it in a VM, with 64% choosing an actual PC. What could that mean? Given that the build is a compulsory update, it is likely that it has been installed on a bigger user base.

Early access

VMs are used mostly by early adopters, especially in enterprise setups, which are eager to get the OS on its toes without having to dedicate an extra computer to it.

It is likely that most of the newcomers have opted to install it directly on their computer rather than on a VM which could indicate that this category of users is now comfortable with Windows 10 altogether and don't even mind using it as their primary OS.

Desire Athow
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