First Mozilla Boot to Gecko smartphone to go on sale this year

First Mozilla Boot 2 Gecko smartphone to go on ale this year
Mozilla OS hopes to bring better links between apps

The first smartphones to run Mozilla's Boot to Gecko operating system will go on sale in Brazil by the end of 2012.

The open source software, built by the creators of Firefox, will make its debut on the Telefonica Vivo mobile network, although no handsets have been announced.

Boots to Gecko was announced in July last year and, like the forthcoming open source version of WebOS, aims to provide a challenge to Android's dominance.

The OS is based on HTML5 and acquires its name from the tool within the Firefox browser that determines how to display web pages.

Complete control of applications

Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs says the B2G will put the web in the hands of all users while serving-up easier links between apps.

"It's an open platform to allow complete control of applications, much like a browser, and applications are installed the way you expect," he said (translated).

"The difference is that they are created with web standards, and we will have links and clicks between apps, something that already happens on the web today, but not in the applications closed platforms."

The phones, or Open Web Devices as Mozilla will call them, will be priced competitively with the hope of getting a foothold in the market.

Here's a preview of the OS, working on a prototype.

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