Microsoft will simplify OneDrive to fix synching headache

It's sync or swim time

Microsoft is taking steps to fix sync issues experienced by certain users of its OneDrive cloud storage service.

There are currently three different "sync engines" that work with the various OneDrive clients - the first supporting Windows 7, 8 and Mac, and the second OneDrive for Business.

In a company blog post, Windows VP Chris Jones writes that the third sync engine, which was introduced for Windows 8.1, has been causing problems due to support for placeholder files, which allows access to files stored on OneDrive while only using a faction of the device's hard disk.

Command and control

Jones notes that although this proved useful on devices with low capacity storage drives, certain Windows 8.1 apps would fail to open files because they couldn't recognise placeholders and that users would run into problems when attempting to copy, paste or delete such files.

Microsoft intends to solve the problem by merging the three sync engines and their associated clients to create a single entity that supports its business and consumer services.

According to Jones, the placeholder file feature will not make it into the first release of Windows 10, although Microsoft will introduce the "core capabilities of placeholders that are both reliable and comprehensible" in an update that will follow at a later date.

Rubbish update

Microsoft has also released an update to its OneDrive for iOS app (v4.6), which adds support for the Recycle Bin and push notifications for files and folders.

The app also bundles in Document Provider extension support, which allows you to select which app you want to use when opening files stored on OneDrive.

Kane Fulton
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