QlikTech launches Winter Games app to keep you frosty on the facts

Check out Sochi without leaving the house

QlikTech is looking to build on the success of its 2012 Olympic Games stats app with a similar offering for the upcoming Sochi Winter Games.

The company, which deals in business intelligence software, developed the app using its Business Discovery Platform. It offers sports stats buffs and fans the chance to analyse, compare and contrast data from the history of the games as the competition plays out.

The app is available for free and through any online or mobile device and will let fans tap into their country's results as they happen.

The firm has pulled out examples, where it has noted the winners of the most medals since the Winter Games' inception (Norway) as well as the most decorated sportsperson and youngest and oldest athlete.

Figures for skating

"With the amount of data available to fans and sporting enthusiasts around the world, we wanted to provide a way of digging into the trivia and trends to find facts and statistics that are relevant to the individual," said Sean Farrington of QlikTech. "By encouraging followers to get under the skin of our QlikView Global Games App, Winter Edition, we hope they can get into the spirit of the Games to truly enjoy it."

This isn't the first time that Big Data and sports analysis have been combined. Facebook bought startup SportsStream in December last year to help with its real-time coverage of sports in social media. In a more professional vein, IBM's "Keys to the Game" platform is used to analyse game data for teams in the Six Nations.