Microsoft teases out new Office touch features

Office Touch
Office Touch

Microsoft has sneaked out a small handful of new features of its Office touch productivity suite at MWC 2015.

The additions are mainly cosmetic and will involve how both Outlook and Excel will look when Microsoft releases Windows 10 across its tablet and smartphone platforms later on this year.

Microsoft was at pains to point out that Outlook is a lot more than a mail application and the tablet/mobile version will allow super-fast and seamless integration with other apps such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

Excel, meanwhile, has been given a makeover with the app changing its spots when you move over to a new platform so that it is always at the best level possible and the additions include snap functions and smart scrolling to make inputting data easier. Users will also be able to change the Ribbon menu into something known as Palette and all features will scale up or down when certain devices are connected.

Tell Me more

There are also two completely new features in the shape of Insights and Tell Me. Insights lets users search for words or phrases by bringing in results from the internet and Tell Me is an intelligent search feature that users can utilise to search for and create commands.

Universal Office Apps for Windows 10 got their first outing early last month and the desktop version of Office 2016, which has already been released as a technical preview, will also be released at some point in the second half of 2015.

Via Neowin