Microsoft brings text-email hybrid Send to Android

Send for Android
Send for Android

Microsoft is finally bringing Send to Android phones months after the service arrived on iOS.

The app that lets users text and email from the same place is available now in preview form to those that have Outlook and Office 365 business/school email accounts with further functionality expected in the coming months, according to ZDNet.

Send, which was once codenamed 'Flow', was released from the Microsoft Garage back in July for iPhone users in the US and Canada. Since then Microsoft has been feverishly adding features to the "in-and-out" email service that encourages short and snappy SMS style messages.

New stuff

Some of the newest features to grace Send in the past six weeks or so include the ability to add people to conversations, delete conversations, share locations, make phone calls and various other new sharing features.

When you first open Send, it feels like you've stumbled into a mix of iMessage, WhatsApp and Hangouts, however, it exclusively relies on email communication and has the advantage that the short messages show inside Outlook alongside regular emails.

Send only shows messages that have been sent using the app and you can message anyone that has an email address registered with the service.

Windows Phone absent

Alongside the Android expansion, which concerns devices running version 4.2 or higher, Microsoft is opening Send for iPhone up to users in the UK, Brazil and Denmark. Send for Android, meanwhile, is available in the same places plus the US and Canada.

A Windows Phone version is conspicuous by its absence and there was no news beyond the "coming soon" line that Microsoft trotted out back in July.