ABC launch TV Companion app, invite you to play along

ABC TV Companion
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Proving again it is on the forefront of Australian app development, the ABC today launched ABC TV Companion, an iPad app to enhance the experience of watching ABC TV.

Primarily, the app is designed to make sitting in front of the TV a more interactive experience. When shows have quizzes or polls, the app will display these elements and allow viewers to play-along from home.

You can also log in to Facebook and Twitter and chat with people about what you are watching. Each show has its own hashtag, and the page for that show keeps track of all the conversation about it. You can check-in to shows too, so that your friends know what you're watching.

Play along

The Companion app also includes planner-like features, with a built-in program guide and the ability to tag shows and receive reminders on the iPad before they air.

ABC's iview catch-up service is also integrated, with most shows bearing an iview logo for quick access to episodes from the previous two weeks.

The ABC has been developing apps since the launch of the Apple App Store, and now has nearly 30 apps for iPhones and iPads. It's iview app is one of the most successful and widely used catch-up TV services in Australia, with access now available from numerous devices including the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Samsung, Sony and Panasonic TVs.