Six Nations 2020 will be the smartest yet thanks to AWS

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Rugby fans will now be able to get even closer to the action thanks to a new launch from Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Ahead of the 2020 Six Nations Championship, set to kick off on February 1st in Cardiff, the tournament has announced a partnership with AWS that will bring dynamic statistics for viewers at home for the first time.

AWS will now be able to bring its analytics expertise to introduce fans to five new, real-time, rugby statistics, hopefully providing deeper insights into the key moments in the on-field action, including the excitement of scrums and tries.

The new statistics also include heat maps, which show where the key action is taking place on the pitch, 

There's also information on balls won, impactful tackles, and crucial line breaks, and data on rucking efficiency – which is often one of the most mysterious parts of the game.

This information is generated through live data from the games, streaming them into AWS to store and create analytics that can then be shared in real time for live broadcast to viewers in over 170 countries to enjoy.

The Six Nations organisers and AWS hope that the new information will help audiences understand which team has momentum at different stages of the game, how game plans evolve during a match, and areas of stress or opportunity for attack.

The new insights will be, "such a great addition to our fan experience this year", Six Nations CEO Ben Morel declared. 

"We can safely say the future of the game is very bright."

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AWS already provides such insights for Formula 1, where its predictions on pit stop windows and possible overtaking opportunities have been welcomed by fans and broadcasters alike.

“The introduction of the advanced statistics - powered by AWS - in the 2019 Guinness Six Nations Championship was just the start of how we are planning to change the game of rugby through advanced in-game analytics,” said Ben Morel, CEO, Six Nations Rugby.

“This year will see the introduction of even more engaging and informative stats that bring fans even closer to the action. With these innovations, together with AWS, we are seeking to significantly enhance the viewing experience for all rugby fans by providing them with unique data-led insights.”

“We’re proud to help Six Nations place unparalleled technological innovation at the core of the rugby experience,” said Andy Isherwood, Vice President and Managing Director EMEA, AWS. “Rugby has always led the charge and embraced technology to positively evolve the game." 

"For the first time, using advanced AWS technology, Six Nations fans will be able to see the probability of a successful conversion or penalty kick and many other game-changing insights, which will offer unprecedented understanding into the game they love. We are thrilled to continue working alongside one of the world’s most iconic sporting tournaments and to positively enhance the game for rugby fans around the world.”

Mike Moore
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