Skype will pay for your calls for a week


Skype is promising a week's free calls for all paying users, whether you were affected by the Skype outage or not. The offer follows an apology for its service downtime last week and shows that Skype is going one step further in its efforts to keep customers happy.

As compensation, all paid-for accounts for Skype Pro, Skype Unlimited, SkypeIn, and Skype Voicemail will be extended by a week, without charge. Skype yesterday sent out an email to subscribers of its premium services informing them about the offer.

A week's free Skype

"Even if you didn't miss out on using Skype last week, you can still have a week free on Skype, on the house," Skype spokeswoman Imogen Bailey told

Skype's peer-to-peer internet telephony service was down for around two days last week, leaving millions of users unable to login to their accounts.

Following reports that the outage may have been caused by a Microsoft software update, Skype apologised and said it was entirely responsible for the service downtime.