Online sales could suffer as office workers face ban on personal deliveries

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Consumers who face returning to work in offices will be shopping online a lot less, according to new research from Openpay. Following a recent survey, the company’s data has revealed that a quarter of digital shoppers who like nothing more than getting a regular e-commerce fix will be reducing their online purchases.

Most cited the fact that they won’t be at home to receive deliveries as the main reason for cutting back on their e-commerce orders. However, widespread clampdowns on receiving parcels and packages at work due to coronavirus regulations is also being seen as a barrier to buying.

Other factors are also seen as potentially offputting for workers who’ve had to go back to the office. Nosey co-workers wanting to see what you’ve purchased was listed by 35% of survey respondents as being a good reason for not having items delivered to the office. Getting parcels and packages from work to home was also a turn-off for 20%, while a further 33% stated they felt awkward about hauling parcels home on public transport.

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The biggest issue though is many businesses are openly discouraging use of the office postroom for receiving personal delivers. A third of companies surveyed reported a blanket ban on the traditional office perk. A further 34% of those questioned said that the practice was frowned upon by office managers. This alone was enough to put them off getting deliveries sent to work.

Andy Harding, UK Managing Director of Openpay, said: “Missing a delivery is always frustrating, so it’s easy to see why Brits took full advantage of being home during lockdown. With people returning to work, it is quite staggering that so many post rooms have draconian bans on personal parcels.

The traditional workplace is changing now more than ever, so it’s time for offices to meet the needs of workers. Every employee is also a consumer and they require flexibility at every point of their purchase, from payment to delivery.”


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