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The rise of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) means that installing or upgrading a business phone system is much more affordable than it was in the past, making it a popular option among growing businesses. Selecting the best VoIP service for your business will help you streamline daily operations and increase efficiency. 

In our Nuacom VoIP evaluation, we take a close look at this provider to help you decide whether it’s the right fit for your business. We analyze the company’s plans and prices, setup process, main features, customer service, and more so you don’t have to. 

Nuacom provides a suite of VoIP solutions (Image credit: NUACOM)

Nuacom: Plans and pricing

Nuacom pricing

Nuacom has three different plans available (Image credit: NUACOM)

Nuacom offers three different subscription options for businesses of all sizes. Unfortunately, exact prices aren’t advertised, as these likely depend on the size of your company and its requirements. However, there is a full demo available so you can try before you buy. 

At the cheapest end of the spectrum sits the Essentials plan, which includes unlimited calls to landlines, advanced analytics, and call recording with up to 1 GB total storage. You will also be able to hold unlimited callers in a queue and take advantage of various auto-attendant and voice menu features. 

Upgrading to the Unlimited plan unlocks unlimited calls to mobile numbers, an extra 10 GB of recording storage per user, and more. Finally, the Premium subscription option comes with everything in the two cheaper plans, as well as live call wallboarding and monitoring, secure conference calling, support for various integrations, and much, much more. 

All three options come with a suite of more than 30 key features, including everything you would expect from a leading VoIP service provider. What’s more, all plans are highly customizable, ensuring you get exactly what you need, delivered the way you need it. 

Nuacom: How it works

Nuacom features

It’s very easy to get started with Nuacom (Image credit: NUACOM)

Nuacom uses quite standard VoIP technology to provide leading telecoms solutions for a wide range of businesses. Rather than using the landline phone network the way traditional phones do, VoIP systems only require a simple internet connection to work. They can be run from virtually any device and are usually very affordable to set up and configure. 

To get started with Nuacom, you will have to reach out to the company’s sales team for a chat. Figure out exactly what you need, and then either order VoIP-compatible phones or install the company’s software on your existing devices. Transfer an existing number if you need to, configure your system, and away you go. 

Because Nuacom uses cutting-edge VoIP technology that uses your existing internet connection to provide phone services, you shouldn’t be faced with any setup fees or infrastructure costs. You won’t need to install or upgrade phone lines or make other major changes to your office layout if you use VoIP; as long as you have a stable internet connection throughout your premises, there shouldn’t be too much else to worry about. 

Nuacom: Features and services

Nuacom suite screenshot

The Nuacom Suite contains more than 50 advanced VoIP features (Image credit: NUACOM)

All three of Nuacom's plans are backed by a wide range of call handling and management features that are too numerous to list. We touch on a few of the most notable below. 

For one, Nuacom VoIP comes backed by a suite of advanced workflow management tools. These include the ability to create simple greeting messages and advanced IVR (interactive voice response) voice menus, along with numerous integrations and countless recording and call forwarding features. 

Nuacom's analytics portal also stands out as excellent. It logs a large amount of important information about your and your company’s VoIP usage. Here, you will find information about call length, the percentage of calls that were answered, and more. 

Finally, Nuacom's VoIP comes with full conference calling features, enabling you to speak with numerous relevant parties at the same time. 

Nuacom: Support and customer care

Nuacom support page

Nuacom provides various support and contact options (Image credit: NUACOM)

Nuacom is backed by various support options, self-help resources, and a great reputation for excellent post-sales customer care. For starters, you can reach out to the customer service team via phone, email, online contact form, or live chat. Although support times aren’t advertised, the live chat was unavailable at the time of writing, suggesting that it could be limited to certain hours. 

On top of this, various self-help resources are available, including comprehensive user guides for the web interface, mobile apps, and IP phone hardware. There’s also a neat FAQ section, various blog articles, and full API documentation. 

The competition

Nuacom offers excellent VoIP solutions, but it’s certainly not the only option on the market. For example, RingCentral Office provides some of the best VoIP services available. It is a little simplistic when compared to other competitors, but it does everything it needs to. And with prices starting from just $19.99 per user per month, there’s a reason why it’s so popular. 

Another great option is Aircall, which combines VoIP solutions with advanced customer relationship management (CRM) tools. It uses cloud technology to deliver excellent call center features, supporting integrations with a huge range of popular platforms and improving daily workflows. Prices start from $30 per user per month, although you will need to pay $50 per user per month for access to all features. 

Customer Experience

Nuacom VoIP receives excellent reviews from past customers. For example, it gets a rating of 4.7/5 from 40 reviews on Trustpilot. Many of these focus on the straightforward onboarding experience the company provides, while others tout the helpful customer service team. 

On top of this, its rating of 4.8/5 from 30 reviews on Capterra is up there with the best we’ve seen. The majority of these touch on the company’s advanced features and excellent call quality, which is a great sign for potential customers. 

Final verdict

All things considered, there’s little not to like about Nuacom and its advanced VoIP solutions. It has various subscription options, is backed by a suite of advanced features, and receives an excellent rating across the internet. 

On top of this, it provides a range of customer service options and is very easy to get started with. We’d highly recommend reaching out to the Nuacom team if you’re looking for a high-quality VoIP service provider that you can rely on.

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