Lenovo introduces two new SAN offerings for SMBs

Lenovo S3200

Lenovo has outed two new SAN offerings aimed at small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) looking for speed, scalability and availability without paying the earth for it.

Both the S2200 and S3200 offer dual and single controllers in 2U-12 and 24 drive configurations with the S2200 able to support up to 96 drives whereas the larger S3200 can handle up to 192 drives.

Connectivity is also a doddle thanks to support for fibre channel, iSCSI and SAS. The S3200 ups this even further by offering multi-protocol connectivity that allows SMBs to work with fibre channel and iSCSI concurrently.

What they offer

Each SAN offering works hard to make sure the drives offer the highest performance level possible through intelligent real-time tiering that moves frequently accessed data to higher performing drives every five seconds.

The S3200 also uses hybrid configurations and real-time tiering to provide near All-Flash-Array (AFA) performing for up to 120,000 IOPS at a small portion of the cost of today's flash only systems.

Each one also comes with Lenovo SAN Manager that is a free GUI that makes it easy to control advance features such as data tiering, thin provisioning, SSD read caching, rapid RAID rebuild, information on live data, and storage pooling.

Both will be available around the world starting in June 2015.