D-Link launches flagship 802.11ac router

D-Link DIR 868-L
Made for the new wireless standard

D-Link has launched a new flagship router that operates using the 802.11ac wireless standard and can provider transfer rates of up to 1.3Gbps.

The DIR-868L Wireless AC router operates on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless bands at the same time using dual band technology and six internal antennas. D-Link says that, through a feature dubbed AC SmartBeam, the router can switch between the two wireless bands to prioritise speeds for users on the network based on their internet activity at the time.

It also has a Gigabit Ethernet port that supports up to four PCs or other devices and is IPv6 ready. Other features onboard are WiFi Protected Setup and a quick setup mode that can be configured using an iOS or Android smartphone app.

Paul Howard, Technical Manager of Telco and ISP at D-Link, told TRPro that the routers would be suitable for businesses with between 20 and 25 employees, as any more would likely result in a degraded signal and poorer performance.

Howard added that D-Link's new AC routers will also support devices that use the 802.11n standard, and will even give them a slight speed boost compared to routers using the older standard.

New addition

The DIR-868L is available now at a cost of £132 and joins D-Link's existing range of routers operating over the 802.11ac standard, which start at £62 for the basic model and rise in cost as they emit stronger wireless signals using more antennas.

Devices are increasingly being equipped with WiFi chips that support the new standard, including the latest version of Apple's MacBook Air laptop, and the ASUS Windows 8-powered G75VW. Smartphones with chips that support the standard include Samsung's GALAXY S4.

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