More and more companies are spreading their data over public clouds

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Multicloud usage is apparently here to stay, according to research from Virtana which found that over three-quarters (78%) of organizations have deployed workloads in more than three public clouds.

The growth of multicloud is only set to continue, with over half (51%) of organizations expect to deploy more public cloud instances by the end of 2022, the findings claim.

The research surveyed 360 cloud decision-makers in the US and the UK between February and March 2022, and found that despite this widespread adoption, multicloud adoption is not all sunshine and roses.

What's troubling cloud decision makers?

Having too many tools was one of the issues identified, 63% of the survey's respondents said they are using five or more separate tools for migration, cloud cost optimization, IPM, APM, and cloud infrastructure monitoring.

Manual processes were another bugbear among the decision makers surveyed, 83% are apparently expending some level of manual effort to consolidate data from all of these tools, while 53% of organizations using over 20 tools still have manual processes.

Having a solidated and comprehensive view of their infrastructure was another issue highlighted by the research, and 73% of respondents stated that siloed efforts are limiting their ability to realize the full potential of the cloud.

It's not just cloud management that is causing headaches for businesses looking to take a multicloud approach.

Virtually all (98%) of the security professionals responsible for these multicloud environments report that relying on multiple cloud providers also creates additional security challenges, according to IT security firm Tripwire.

Virtana's research also explored organizations openness to workload portability and serverless computing, finding strong support for both. 

Almost all (96%) of organizations see the value in workload portability, but for many (71%), it is not yet an operational reality, while 95% say they see the value in serverless computing, a cloud computing model where cloud service providers (CSPs) manage the servers on behalf of their customers

But though cloud management may remain an issue for businesses, other research has claimed huge potential upsides from cloud adoption.

Recent research from storage firm Seagate suggests that "multicloud mature firms" are 6.3 times more likely to go to market months or quarters ahead of their competition.

The research also claimed that these "multicloud mature" firms are almost three times more likely to report that their organization is in a very strong business position.  

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