Quarter of UK population using mobile internet

iPhone - a mobile internet platform
iPhone - a mobile internet platform

A quarter of the UK's population now accesses the internet through their mobile – after a nine per cent increase in the past year.

Comscore's analysis of the year suggests that 12.9 million people, or around 25 per cent of the population, now use mobile internet – with a forecast that this growth trend will continue.

Men are still ahead in adopting mobile internet with 59 per cent of mobile internet users male. This statistic is much starker than PC internet users where the male to female ratio is 52 per cent to 48 per cent.

PC internet use growing faster

Although a nine per cent growth is impressive, PC internet growth has outstripped mobile – recording an 11 per cent rise.

More than 35 million people in the UK are internet users now, 70 per cent of the population, and that figure is growing fast.

"This report represents an important benchmark in the evolution of mobile internet audience measurement," said Herve Le Jouan, Managing Director of ComScore Europe.

iPhone 3G

"But beyond this – we are now at a pivotal stage in the development of the entire online industry, and if any UK marketers were still awaiting a sign that the mobile Internet platform has come of age, then the launch of the iPhone 3G certainly provided it.

"We hope that this research will provide valuable insight for the industry as a whole and promote further understanding of mobile Internet audience behaviour as we move into an increasingly converging online world."

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