Microsoft's Surface Mini does exist - the Surface Pro 3 user manual says so

Microsoft's Surface Mini does exist, the Surface Pro 3 user manual says so
The Surface Mini failed to show up at last month's launch event

The Microsoft Surface Mini may have skipped its widely-expected debut at the Surface Pro 3 launch event last month, but at least the elusive tablet found its way into the Pro's user manual.

As discovered by Microsoft blogger Paul Thurrott, there are "Surface Mini references all over" the Surface Pro 3 user guide. Something he describes on Twitter as "hilarious."

A quick look at the manual shows a section reading: "You'll pair your new pen with Surface Mini a little later during setup."

That all-but-confirms Microsoft had planned to launch the smaller device last month, but for some reason decided to scratch the Surface Mini from the event at the last minute.

Waiting for Word?

Since the launch event it has been suggested that Microsoft has up to 20,000 Surface Mini units already gathering dust and biding their time for the touch-first version of Microsoft Office to arrive.

Others reports have suggested the firm may not release the device at all.

One thing this little snippet of information does confirm is that the Surface Mini exists. If or when we'll see it is another matter altogether.

Via The Verge

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