Late to the game, Verizon to offer Google Play carrier billing

Google Play
Coming to a Verizon phone near you

Verizon just arrived fashionably late to the Google Play party. The wireless company announced Thursday it will start supporting carrier billing for the online media store.

But hold up: don't rush to your phones and start buying games, music, movies and books for your mobile device just yet. Verizon is rolling out the new billing process sometime in the next few weeks.

The news came over the Twitter wire, where the playful media magnet let Verizon users know they will can soon charge purchases through the carrier to that will show up on their phone bills.

"Hey @Verizon Customers! Pay for Google Play apps, music and more on your phone bill. We're rolling this out over the coming weeks. Enjoy!" the tweet read.

Verizon finally arrives

Other than that the details are pretty scarse on the deal, though there might be a $25 per month limit on how many digital good users can charge through their phone bill.

However, if you hit that limit, there is always a good old fashioned credit card.

Google rolled out a similar carrier billing plan for the Android app store a while ago, and Verizon is the last major carrier to pick up Google Play.

Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile were among the first carriers to support the billing option back in May, making Verizon five months late.

The move is interesting since Verizon customers can purchase items off Google Play through Isis, a digital wallet app.

Isis is a joint venture backed by Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. However, the app is still in its trial stages, though look for it to start hitting customers in select cities next week.

Maybe Verizon just couldn't wait any longer to start offering customers episodes of "Mythbusters" and subscriptions to GQ. We'll see how the details unfold when the service officially rolls out.

Via Droid Life