Lenovo reveals IdeaPad U Series Ultrabooks

Lenovo reveals IdeaPad U Series Ultrabooks
Lenovo U310 - Ultra bookish

Lenovo has unveiled its latest IdeaPad laptops over at CES 2012, with colourful new notebooks it thinks will suit anyone and everyone and a couple of Ultrabooks thrown in for good measure.

The IdeaPad U310 and U410 are the latest Ultrabook notebooks to join the line up – both come with "attractive price points" starting at £599.

Optional specs include a 64GB SSD, 500GB HDD, Windows 7 and Nvidia GeForce 6210M 1GB graphics.

The 13-inch U310 weighs in at 1.7kg with a thickness of f18mm, while the U410 is slightly larger at 1.9kg and 21mm thick.

Y not?

Entertainment is the name of the IdeaPad Y Series' game, with the Y480 and Y580 offering 14- and 15-inch displays, Nvidia GTX660M 2GB GDDR5 graphics and Dolby audio through JBL speakers. The IdeaPad Y Series UK pricing starts at £799.

Tripping down the spec ladder are the IdeaPad S200 and S206 which are meant to sit between the netbook and the notebook – here was us thinking that was what the tablet was for.

Both models have an 11.6-inch HD screen with a waist-size of just under 21mm. Inside you're looking at an Intel Atom dual-core processor on the S200 while the IdeaPad S206 rocks an AMD dual-core affair.

There's a webcam and 5 hours of battery life to play with too, but it's likely its wallet friendly price tag (from £299) and colourful looks will draw the punters in, available in pink, red, blue, grey and white.


Also on the colourful side of things are the Z Series IdeaPads (below) – Nvidia GeForce GT640M graphics, HDMI-out and a range of backlit LED HD displays are topped off with Blu-ray disc drives and HD graphics support for a starting price of £499.

Lenovo z380

If those are a bit too cheerful for you, the Lenovo G Series laptops start at £349 and come with 14-, 15- and 17-inch HD screens and "basic multimedia functions".

Alongside the IdeaPad range refresh, Lenovo has launched its latest IdeaCentre desktop PCs, with the touchscreen B540 and B340 proving the cream of the crop with large HD touchscreen displays and optional 3D thrown in too. Yours for £549 and up.

Lenovo b series

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