Is Lenovo's ultraportable a Sony Vaio P killer?

Lenovo prepping a Sony Vaio P killer, according to latest internet blurrycam shots

Lenovo is prepping a super portable computer to take on Sony's much-hyped Vaio P series, with pictures of the new device leaking onto the internet this week.

The device was snapped by Engadget Chinese, noting that "the Lenovo prototype appears to be a Lenovo ThinkPad Reserve Edition crossed with the Sony VAIO P high end ultra portable laptop."

Engadget's tipster also "clarified that the pics are from a showroom inside a Lenovo office, not IBM's Beijing HQ."

Lenovo shy on details

"Our design labs in Beijing are constantly researching new innovations in design and functionality. Many of these will never reach commercial production," a Lenovo rep told TechRadar today.

"This concept is another demonstration of Lenovo seeking new innovative products to better address customer needs.

"Recently, another concept product, the IdeaCentre A600 wowed the audiences at CES and should be launched in selected countries later this year. A UK launch has not been set at this time."

Cheaper than Vaio P?

Should this new super portable concept ever get a commercial release, it will be interesting to see how Lenovo positions this device. Sony has come under considerable amounts of fire for its pricing strategy with the Vaio P.

Will Lenovo try to offer a super portable PC with slightly less impressive specs at a more competitive price?

We will be sure to find out very soon.

Via Engadget