IFA-bound Lenovo laptop appears on UK retailer's website

Lenovo IdeaPad 305

While looking for some offers to update our weekly laptop deals, we stumbled on some unannounced Lenovo laptop, the 305, on UK retailer website Isme.

That laptop is probably part of the IdeaPad family and is destined for a mainstream market. At £450 ($ 700, AU$900), it is, as expected, not very competitive against similarly priced laptops.

But then again, it hasn't been announced and isme, which is part of giant retailer Shop Direct, is not exactly known for being an Amazon or Ebuyer beater.

The laptop comes with an unidentified Intel Core i3 processor, probably a Broadwell model, with onboard graphics, 6GB of RAM, a 1TB hard disk drive and Windows OS.

Getting ready for IFA

The title also mentions a 1GB dedicated graphics card (or chip) of some ilk.

Lenovo announced a trio of new consumer laptops at its annual TechWorld event, the Z41, the Z51 and the IdeaPad 100.

We know there will be a Lenovo event at IFA at the beginning of the September and it is likely that the IdeaPad 305, alongside other new devices, will be announced there.

Updated: Another UK retailer, Lambdatek, retails it for just over £400 ($600, AU$800) and the processor is actually a fourth generation i3-4005U.

Desire Athow
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