How the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon's display takes productivity to the next level

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Ultrabook displays have come a long way in recent years. They look sharper thanks to technology that packs in more pixels, you can interact with them using your fingers and they're less likely to get smashed thanks to new types of tough glass.

Lenovo understands that for businesses users, the requirements don't stop there. As such, it's placed a huge focus on making the ThinkPad X1 Carbon's 14-inch display one that goes the distance and then some for business users.

Called a 'ThinkPad Precision Display', it's a stunning piece of engineering that packs in 2560x1440 pixel resolution, placing it in the WQHD (Wide Quad High Definition) category.

Featuring an anti-glare coating, the display is extremely bright and has been engineered for a top notch viewing experience whether indoors or out. The panel is an IPS variant, meaning you'll get wide 180-degree viewing angles, and anti-smudge technology means you won't be clouding it up when interacting using your fingers.

It's tough too thanks to being constructed of Corning Gorilla Glass, meaning that you'll be able to sling it into a bag for transportation without being worried about its welfare.

There's the technical details. Here's five more reasons as to why you would benefit the ThinkPad X1 Carbon's display.

5. Bye bye, cramped spreadsheets and web pages

Don't you just hate it when you're having to constantly scroll from side to side to see the full layout of spreadsheets? With its roomy 2560x1440 pixel resolution display, the ThinkPad X1 Carbon lets you see more cells, figures and numbers than ever before without having to click those tiny left and right arrows.

Additionally, Windows 8.1's ability to snap two documents or applications side-by-side means that it's easier than ever before to view and work with multiple applications, documents and web-pages at the same time. And because the clarity of the screen is so high - everything you do looks stunning beautiful while you do it.

4. It's touch sensitive, opening up a new level of interaction

The Lenovo X1 Carbon's display features incredibly accurate 10-point multi-touch, meaning you can prod and poke at the screen to interact with Microsoft's own Windows 8.1 apps or the desktop.

This presents the main benefit of faster interaction: studies have shown that the presence of a touchscreen can boost employee productivity as it takes less time to interact with menus, windows, word processors and other elements on a screen.

You'll also be able to get the most out of the growing list of Microsoft Store apps designed to take full-advantage of modern Ultrabooks' touchscreen capabilities.

3. Videos and web conferencing never looked so good

The ThinkPad X1 Carbon's display packs a huge 209 pixels-per-inch (PPI), which allows for the rendering of highly detailed text, images and videos. Whether you're plugged into the corporate network to stream 1080p video content over the internet of watching a Blu-Ray movie using a third-party optical reader, the display is ready to present any content with maximum clarity.

It also has a super clear 720p webcam onboard that comes with exposure and brightness controls, in addition to a face-tracing feature. It means that you'll be able to fire up your favourite video conferencing service to communicate and interact with colleagues in pristine detail, leaving the frustrating act of fighting for boardroom telepresence time a thing of the past, which could also help save the company travel expenses.

2. Photos can be manipulated with pixel perfect precision

You don't have to be a professional photographer to appreciate the ThinkPad Carbon X1's high-PPI display, but it allows a whole new level of precision when editing high-resolution photos.

That's because you're working with a greater number of pixels than on conventional laptops, allowing you to see a greater level detail without the need for a huge external monitor. And because the ThinkPad X1 Carbon comes in a matte display option, you can work free of screen reflections that tend to distract you from the task at hand.

1. It literally bends over backwards to let you share screen content

With a screen of this high quality, why would you want to keep it to yourself? Bearing this thought in mind, Lenovo has opted to make the ThinkPad X1 Carbon's screen flexible and foldable backwards to nearly 180 degrees.

This allows you to share content with co-workers as the screen automatically rotates the content when folded over, allowing both of you to interact with the display using its 10-point multi-touch functionality.

That flexibility wasn't added as an afterthought either: the Ultrabook's unique Adaptive Keyboard even has a mode that it automatically switches to when folded flat, providing handy keyboard shortcuts to actions you may want to carry out in that mode.

This opens up the possibilities: whether you're working in a group annotating Powerpoint Presentations using the touchscreen or viewing video content, the simple yet powerful feature introduces a whole new level of interaction.

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