High-end MSI GX660 laptop unveiled

MSI GX660 - a lovely bit of kit
MSI GX660 - a lovely bit of kit

The MSI GX660 laptop has been announced for the UK, billed as a high-performance gaming machine with 'unparalleled' sound.

MSI's 15.6-inch GX660R is a premium notebook, and apparently the result of a collaboration with audio specialists Dynaudio, as the company looked to build an 'optimum' laptop experience.

"Dynaudio have worked with MSI to meticulously place speakers inside the chassis to provide users with the finest audio experience, MSI and Dynaudio have designed high quality speaker units as well as an optimal sound card circuit based on speaker and system configuration," explains MSI's release.

1,200 hours

"Over 1,200 hours went into testing and tweaking each frequency to obtain ideal tone and balance for crisp, clean sound at all frequency levels. MSI has also added Surround Sensation|UltraPC technology from DTS to help fulfil the virtual surround sound experience either from the built-in Dynaudio speakers or through a set of stereo headphones," it continued.

The MSI GX660 also boasts an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870. MSI Cooler Boost and Turbo Drive Engine, along with 8GB of memory, 1TB of storage and 'SuperSpeed' USB 3.0 ports.

"The MSI GX660 also comes equipped with two USB3.0 ports which can transfer data at 5GB/second - that's ten times faster than conventional USB2.0 slots and also provides more power to recharge handheld devices faster," adds MSI

The MSI GX660 is available now for pre-order from Micro Anvika and has a UK price from £1699.

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