Best MacBook Pro cases: 12 to choose from

15-inch macbook pro cases

1. Incipio Rickhouse

Price: £45 / $50

This burlap sleeve is guaranteed for life, but we don't think too many will claim on this promise. It's solidly built, with an attractive ivory-coloured woven exterior and a single, solid zip fastener. There's a large pocket on the front for papers, and a striped textile lining to keep your notebook safe from scratches. Its elegant good looks show that simple can be effective, with smart retro styling and no-nonsense details. Any discerning MacBook Pro owner would be proud to walk into a meeting with this case tucked under an arm.

2. Be.ez La Robe

Price: £20 / $30

When it comes to notebook and tablet sleeves, you can't beat a be.ez. Built from low-resistance polyurethane, when you apply pressure to the sleeve it keeps its new shape for a while before pushing out, helping to protect your laptop from bumps and bangs. The outside is a smart graphite grey, with a black, blue or bordeaux lining. Its clean lines make it ideal for slipping in and out of a rucksack or shoulder bag. It's extremely well built, with heavy stitching and sturdy zips, and the price is excellent too.

3. Tucano Innovo

Price: £25 / $40

With its semi-rigid shell coated in rubberised non-slip PU, and its electric blue finish, Tucano's Innovo sleeve has a real sci-fi vibe to it. It's made from 'high density thermoformed EVA', and although not as thick as some of the other sleeves here, it's strong enough to keep your MacBook safe from scrapes. It unzips on three sides, and if you tuck the corners of the lid and the body into the elastic corner bands, you can use your notebook without removing it. There's even a vent on the underside to help keep your MacBook Pro cool.

4. Waterfield Outback

From: £37 / $59

With its waxed canvas build and leather trim, WaterField's Outback range of cases and sleeves have a real rugged outdoor feel to them. They look like something Indiana Jones would carry on one of his archeological digs. This one's available in horizontal or vertical orientation, and with a choice of 'grizzly' or 'chocolate' leather trim styles. It's extremely robust, but we wish the holding flap was secured with a magnet instead of a press stud. Pressing down hard onto your notebook to close the fastener is far from ideal. It's open-topped too, so it won't keep out dust and dirt, which is surprising for such an outdoors-themed sleeve.

5. Incipio Honu

Price: £20 / $35

This quilted notebook sleeve, stitched in a hexagonal design, looks like a warm winter coat. It will certainly keep your MacBook Pro snug, with its generous padding and soft, furry lining in a contrast blue. You can also get them in black/red, green/orange, pink/green or purple/ yellow if you prefer. Two meaty zips extend all the way along two edges of the sleeve, so it's easy to slide your notebook in and out. It doesn't add much bulk to the MacBook too, which is welcome if you need to fit it in the notebook compartment of your rucksack or shoulder bag. It's very well padded, so your Mac is sure of a safe journey, and it's a good price.

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