Mixed Reality on SharePoint may make your working day more interesting

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According to a leaked video, Microsoft is planning to bring Mixed Reality to SharePoint, in an effort to seriously jazz up the sort of tricks employees will be able to pull off with the collaboration software.

As spotted by prolific Microsoft tipster WalkingCat, the video is a promotional clip for SharePoint Spaces, which touts the benefits of showing documents and data in 3D, for a more impactful presentation.

You’ll be able to create a ‘Space’ to better visualize data in three dimensions, and indeed manipulate that data in real-time. And naturally, you’ll be able to interact with objects – such as products – on-screen in 3D.

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 Engaging experience

The clip also promotes the idea of being able to explore company information, such as contact details of employees, their job title, department and so forth, in a more engaging manner.

Of course, that’s where things get a little more gimmicky, but nonetheless, there are clearly practical applications for Mixed Reality with regard to SharePoint.

We can only go on what’s shown in the video at the moment, with no other details available, or possible timeframe that Microsoft might be looking at for implementing this functionality – or indeed whether this will be realized at all.

However, it seems like a useful step for Microsoft to take in the productivity space, so we see no reason why we won’t hear more about this in the near future.

Via MS Power User

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