Microsoft Defender gets new protections for your iOS, Android devices

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Defender for Endpoint (MDE), Microsoft’s enterprise-grade endpoint security platform, has received new features to help better protect Android and iOS-powered mobile devices.

As reported by BleepingComputer, MDE now comes with Mobile Network Protection for the two biggest mobile operating systems, a new feature that will not just protect the devices, but also send out notifications to system admins when threats (e.g. rogue certificates) are detected.

It can also prompt administrators to switch Wi-Fi networks if it detects any suspicious activity, or deems the network insecure.

Ongoing improvements

"As the world continues to make sense of the digital transformation, networks are becoming increasingly complex and provide a unique avenue for nefarious activity if left unattended," wrote Microsoft, in a blog post announcing the update.

"To combat this, Microsoft offers a mobile network protection feature in Defender for Endpoint that helps organizations identify, assess, and remediate endpoint weaknesses with the help of robust threat intelligence."

Microsoft has been hard at work improving Defender for Endpoint. Less than a month ago, the company announced a new feature that allows the tool to isolate compromised endpoints from the network, effectively minimizing the potential for disaster.

In early January this year, it also introduced zero-touch onboarding for iOS, a new functionality that aims to ease the deployment frictions and significantly reduce the time needed to deploy the app across the devices. 

And roughly one year ago, Microsoft gave MDE the ability to view unmanaged devices, the type of endpoints the company claims pose the greatest risk to the cybersecurity of a network. 

Via BleepingComputer

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