Microsoft CEO: It's time to get intense about your tech

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Businesses of all sizes need to consider how they utilize technology and how this will change the way they operate as a business, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has said.

Speaking at the opening keynote of his company's Microsoft Ignite event, Nadella highlighted how the idea of “tech intensity” would be the key to business resilience as well as transformation.

“The stakes could not be higher,” Nadella noted, “Tech intensity will determine not only what organizations can weather the current crisis, but also determine that they are prepared to navigate future tail events."

Azure cloud

Unsurprisingly, Nadella was keen to highlight how Microsoft’s services, in particular its Azure cloud platform, could help accelerate future changes and transformations for all kinds of organisations.

"Our solution areas were built to enable this (change)”, Nadella said, “we are the only company that has a complete technology stack to support both tech adoption and tech capability building, and ultimately increase your own ability to achieve success through digital technology."

"Our tech stack offers unparalleled integration, architectural coherence, and openness in each layer and extensibility. And in this era of the intelligent cloud and intelligent edge, it enables truly groundbreaking experiences."

Nadella was able to show off a vast collection of customer use cases and new services enabled by the scale of Azure, from underwater data centers, mixed reality apps which, combined with Hololens 2 headsets, help engineers build new spacecraft, and fast and reliable 5G gaming on your mobile device.

“Azure is the world's computer,” he added, “we're building layers to meet the real world needs of our customers and embracing openness.”

“We're powering a new model of distributed computing, providing consistency across the cloud and edge, spanning identity, management, security as well as infrastructure, bringing computing closer to where data is being generated.”

Microsoft sees itself as being in the driving seat when it comes to powering the businesses of the future, with Nadella noting that the company is, “creating a system of collaboration for every organisation.”

“Our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more," he concluded, “by harnessing the power of digital technology together, I believe there's no limit to what we can achieve for the world.”

Mike Moore
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