Make stock management a breeze with this smart app


There are few things more boring than warehouse management; moving boxes and keeping track of things isn’t the sexiest job around. That said, nothing in the business of logistics is more important than making sure moving an item, from point A to point B, happens without issues and in a timely manner.

Think about it; Amazon, Walmart, eBay or Alibaba, big companies and small ones depend on warehouse management systems; they are an integral cog of what makes our world tick.

In the shadows, there’s a revolution happening thanks to a generation of disruptive solutions that aspire to cut down CAPEX, break down operational silos, slash time-to-market and training costs.

Skustack is one of these disruptive solutions: it is a native Android WMS (warehouse management system), a next generation solution for online retail businesses managing their warehouse inventories. 

It was designed to serve pure e-commerce companies which are different from their brick-and-mortar counterparts; these online multi-channel merchants have their own specificities like the lack of legacy infrastructure, a different approach to compliance and a more relaxed approach to the cloud.

Skustack makes inventory management as simple and as painless as possible by syncing your warehouse operation with your ecommerce workflow. It was developed by Sellercloud based on years of experience working with hundreds of customers.

It supports a wide range of Android devices (version 4.1 and up) and, when run in tandem with Sellercloud,  allows customers to have a deeper level of granularity when it comes to their warehouse inventory.

 Warehouse management made easy 


Whereas many WMS target very large organizations, Skustack appeals to vendors, big and small, including third-party sellers on Amazon Marketplace or eBay sellers  who want a flexible and comprehensive, yet affordable warehouse management system.

The ability to manage picking orders, warehouse transfers, receive purchase orders, receive returns, cycle counting, picking FBA shipments and tracking inventory, all in near real-time. That fulfils the Holy Grail of delivering an instant, on-demand, detailed view of items inside warehouses as well as what transfers to or from them.

Costs are also far more palatable for small and medium businesses since the entire solution is cloud-based and can make use of off-the-shelf Android devices.


Five seats with phone and email support and a dedicated training representative cost only $500 per month. Additional seats can be added for a mere $75 per month per unit. There are no other hidden charges and all updates are free of charge.

The shift from a mixed CAPEX scenario (having to purchase the hardware, licenses, then usually paid updates) to pure OPEX delivers more control on costs as well as more flexibility to adjust seats numbers depending on say, seasonal fluctuations.

Making use of off-the-shelf hardware plus open, ubiquitous, free and universally supported software (like the development framework or the browser) has plenty of other benefits.

The combination reduces training, recruitment and support costs, security is devolved to the browser developers (tech giants like Google or Apple). It is also far easier to roll out new features and resolve issues.

Anyone who knows how to use an Android smartphone or a tablet can learn how to use Skustack in hours instead of days thereby saving the company in terms of training costs.

 Skustack + Sellercloud 


Skustack works only with Sellercloud, whose software solution integrates with more sales channels than any other provider on the market (we’ve counted more than 100), providing sellers with complete end-to-end control and almost real-time visibility of their stock.

From repricers and payment gateways to third party logistics, vendors, channels and everything in between, Sellercloud and Skustack provide with the ideal single source solution for your merchandise flow management, from the moment a customer buys an item to beyond the point it is delivered to them.