Lenovo’s speedy new ThinkSystems are tearing up the benchmarking book

Lenovo has unleashed a host of new ThinkSystem servers which benefit from the latest Intel Xeon Scalable processors, and this hardware has set a whole load of new world record benchmarks.

To be precise, according to the company the new server portfolio has racked up 42 record performance benchmarks, no less, as measured by benchmarking organisations including TPC and SPEC (Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation).

The new range comprises of 14 configurable servers including one tower model, along with rack, dense and blade platforms, designed to be highly scalable and to work seamlessly with a company’s existing IT investments.

The records Lenovo achieved include being the first to break the $100/transaction per second per E benchmark on TPC-E, hitting $93.48 USD/tpsE2, which was 16% lower than the previous best of $111.65 USD/tpsE3 (lower is better).

Lenovo also hit the highest TPC-E performance for a 2-socket system recording 6,598.36 tpsE2, and managed to show off its prowess in terms of the finance markets, with the ThinkSystem SR950 and SR650 setting 26 STAC-M3 world record benchmarks (challenging workloads in time-series analytics).

Furthermore, the firm boasted that it set records in SPECvirt_sc20135 for a 2-socket server, and SPECjbb20156 benchmarks (don’t you just love these catchy names?) with 1, 2, 4, and 8-socket servers. In short, you won’t be lacking on the performance front with these new servers, Lenovo insists.

Kim Stevenson, Senior VP, Data Centre Infrastructure Business at Lenovo, commented: “Today’s results are an excellent testament to Lenovo’s ThinkSystem server innovation and technology design. The sheer number and the diversity of these benchmarks demonstrate Lenovo’s commitment to innovation and drives business value for our customers, allowing them to run the most demanding workloads and applications.”

Thinking big

As for the servers themselves, the aforementioned ThinkSystem SR950 (pictured top) is Lenovo’s flagship mission-critical server, supporting from two to eight Intel Xeon Scalable family CPUs (up to 28-core processors, 56-threads) in a single 4U chassis.

It also offers 96 DIMM sockets meaning you can incorporate up to 12TB of 2666MHz memory, and the unit benefits from a modular design to make servicing and upgrades easy to achieve.

Lenovo says that this beast of a ThinkSystem is no less than 45% faster in performance terms compared to its previous generation of servers.

The tower server offering pitched at SMBs is the ThinkSystem ST550 (pictured above), a dual-socket server supporting a pair of processors from the Xeon Scalable family (using CPUs of up to 20-cores).

The ST550 can be loaded with up to 768GB of system memory and offers a wide array of storage options with either 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch hot-swappable drive bays. For example, the server can be equipped with up to 20 x 2.5-inch drive bays, or up to 8 x 3.5-inch bays, or a combination of both, with plenty of flexibility in the choices here.

Lenovo notes that the tower can have internal storage configurations to give you up to 95.4TB of drive space (using eight 10TB 3.5-inch hard disks and a quartet of 3.84TB 2.5-inch SSDs).

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