Leak shows AMD’s 64-core Epyc processor blowing away Intel’s Xeon CPUs

AMD’s incoming monster 64-core Epyc (server-targeted) processor built on its new 7nm process boasts some quite astonishing performance levels, if a leaked benchmark which has just emerged is real.

The benchmark was highlighted by Chiphell (as spotted by Techquila) and shows how the 64-core CPU performs in Cinebench R15’s multi-threaded test, achieving a colossal score of 12,587.

That’s very nearly 10 times quicker than Intel’s Xeon X5650, which is the server processor listed in the leaked benchmark result for comparison – although note that is a 12-core part, and a very old one at that (it was first launched in 2010).

To give a more contemporary perspective, AMD’s Threadripper 2990WX (a recently launched 32-core CPU) notches up around the 5,500 mark in that Cinebench test, so the new Epyc processor is something like two and a third times faster than that.

Speedy indeed

If this leak is indeed on the money, it purportedly comes from an engineering sample of AMD’s 64-core CPU, and that means the finished production chip should run even faster. And that would represent an exciting prospect for those looking for a heavyweight server processor with some serious power packed into its silicon.

AMD’s incoming Epyc chips are codenamed Rome (the previous Epyc processors were Naples), and should start sampling in limited quantities as we near the end of this year, with a full launch to follow in 2019.

Via MS Power User

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