10 best Google Reader alternatives

Think of it this way: how much is your time worth, and how much time will you spend moving everything if your next chosen service gets the boot? While Fever itself is a web app, it works fine on mobile and the Sunstroke and Reeder iOS apps support it too.

Great Google Reader alternatives

6. Digg Reader (free, web / iOS)

Digg Reader promises a speedy, clean-looking refuge for stranded Google Reader fans in time for the big shut-down. Beta users report that Google Reader feeds, categories, favourite icons and starred items port over automatically - but not tags.

We're not sure yet whether tags will feature in the full version. Digg's updated iOS app also includes an RSS reader that enables users to import Google Reader feeds instantly on mobile devices. However, again, beta users have had problems with links and images.

Best Google Reader alternatives

7. AOL Reader (free, web)

The web-based AOL Reader offering is surprisingly egalitarian. Once it's out of its beta phase, anyone - not just those with AOL accounts - can sign up via Facebook, Twitter or Google.

With various layout options (grid, list, article view) and third-party developer options, AOL Reader is a flexible service - plus you can share, tag, organise and read feed items later. It's definitely a viable alternative to Google Reader.

Best Google Reader alternatives

8. pushPING! (free, iOS)

PushPING! for iOS and Android has been rebuilt, seemingly to deal with the Google Reader overflow. However, you can't import or search for feeds, so - at least for the moment - you're limited to what pushPING! decides to show you.

Best Google Reader alternatives

9. Ping.it (free, web)

Ping.it enables you to set up 'Probes' - feeds with keyword and popularity filters - although this feels a bit RSS reader-lite and might annoy anyone who likes to get into the inner workings of their feeds. Or who, like, doesn't care about popularity or whatever.

Best Google Reader alternatives

10. HootSuite Syndicator (free, web)

HootSuite Syndicator comes with, predictably, a social media twist. Essentially it imports your feeds into your social media dashboard, so it's not really a replacement for Google Reader so much as a lifestyle add-on.

Best Google Reader alternatives