IET sounds cyber security warning

Cyber lock
Not enough skills for security

Another organisation is warning that small and midsized businesses are vulnerable due to a shortage of cyber security skills.

The Intstitution of Engineering and Technology (IET) has released the results of a survey of 250 SMBs with the warning that, while the recognition of threats is growing, only a minority give them a high priority.

This follows last week's report from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills that smaller firms have suffered more from security breaches than larger companies.

Of the 250 SMBs surveyed by the IET, only 14% said cyber security was their highest priority, and 30% felt they had sufficient protection against potential threats to software embedded in their products.

Only half were aware of the Government's Cyber Security Strategy.

The IET is citing the survey in highlighting a scheme it has developed with the Chartered Institute for IT, the Institute of Information Security Professionals, e-skills UK and the Information Assurance Advisory Council to sponsor candidates on cyber security MSc courses at some UK universities. It is due to be launched later this year.