SAP launches a solution for more streamlined cloud deployments

SAP cloud deployments rapid
SAP wants you to race to the cloud

SAP has launched a set of solutions designed to enable organizations to more quickly adopt cloud computing, the company said in a statement. The “SAP Rapid Deployment” solutions will help streamline the implementation experience with accelerated time to value at reduced costs, according to SAP.

SAP Rapid Deployment is geared toward parties interested in implementing on-premise or hybrid clouds. Rapid deployment is meant to reduce risk, improve

Rapid Deployment is built for large and small cloud integrations, or deployments of multiple solutions in the cloud or on premise, SAP said. Rapid-deployment solutions allow customers to explore solutions in the cloud. SAP lists GC America and Schaidt Innovations is implementation clients during Rapid Deployment’s beta period.

SAP and cloud

Last week, SAP acquired behavioral marketing expert SeeWhy, in a bid to strengthen its marketing cloud and integrate some of its features to Hybris, the e-commerce platform, it acquired in June 2013.

SAP also agreed to a partnership with Microsoft designed to improve big data, cloud computing and enterprise mobility. SAP applications will now be available on Microsoft Azure, Excel will be connected to SAP BusinessObjects, and SAP will be creating apps for Windows and Windows Phone 8.1.

All of this comes at an interesting crossroads for SAP, which recently said it is planning a restructure that will shift approximately 2,500 roles from software programming to cloud computing. SAP spokesman Daniel Reinhardt told TechRadar that The German software giant will require fewer onsite staff as it moves its software programs to the cloud.

Reinhardt said the cuts will be reflected across regions and across departments. He said it is immediately unclear how many SAP employees will be retained as part of the restructure, though he said all current employees are encouraged to apply for new cloud-focused positions as they become available.