Microsoft brings cloud and analytics to Dynamics NAV 2016


Microsoft answered the prayers of enterprise resource planners at small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) across the planet by making its Dynamics NAV 2016 suite available.

The planning solution brings with it vast range of new capabilities including closer integration with Microsoft Azure, Dynamics CRM and Office 365 plus a range of upgrades geared towards mobile working.

Chief among those is the ability for employees to work on smartphones that are running both Apple iOS and Google Android as well as Windows, and it is in addition to better document management and workflow.

Power BI visual analytics have been added to the software to allow teams to draw key performance indicators on a dashboard that promises secure collaboration, and Microsoft has brought native integration with Dynamics CRM Online to grow sales and improve customer service.

Dynamics CRM 2016 out in Q4

In an age where being able to scale operations is so important, Dynamics NAV 2016 can be deployed on Microsoft's Azure SQL cloud-powered database-as-a-service offering. The cloud is also able to be used to expand extensibility and connectivity by providing close integration between Dynamics NAV and other cloud services.

Microsoft has made a number of acquisitions to complement Dynamics CRM that bring Office integration front and centre of the new suite plus Delve analytics will play a huge role when Dynamics CRM 2016 is finally released in Q4 2015.