Every home internet router needs this super simple app

Every home internet router needs this super simple app

Changing your SSID. Keeping track of devices connected to your network. Turning off those annoying blinking lights. To some, tasks like these can be daunting as our routers aren't exactly the most user-friendly.

Vodafone is looking to change that though with its new Connect router, launched yesterday alongside its new broadband deals.

The white, square box is palatable, but it's the accompanying smartphone application (available on Android and iOS) where the magic happens.

You can easily change the name of your network (no more SKY135A1, BTHub3-KLDE or TALKTALKD839D2) and the password to something a little more memorable than the random selection of letters and numbers that comes pre-set.

Total control

That's just the basics though. You can keep an eye on how many devices are connected to the router, be them wired or wireless, and there's a boost button to prioritise signal for a set time to one device over the others - perfect if you're streaming a movie on your TV.

You can also switch on a Guest network to allow visitors to jump onto your web connection without having to give out the password to your network.

Vodafone Connect

There's the choice to have a password on the guest network too, plus you can set a timer so it switches itself off after a certain time - a great way to suggest to party goers it's time to leave, or let the kids know it's time to go to bed.

If your router lives somewhere prominently in your home, the continuously blinking lights may drive you a bit mad. With the Connect feature you can switch off the red LED bar at its base from the app, while the status lights on top automatically turn off, only coming on when you wave your hand over a motion detector.

Vodafone Connect

It's worth noting that you can't use the router and its app with any other internet service - you have to be signed up to Vodafone's broadband ADSL or fibre offering.

The Connect router sports five antennas, supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz and packs in AC Wi-Fi and mimo.

The Vodafone Connect router is free when you sign up to the network's broadband offering, but be careful with it as a replacement will set you back £130.

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