IBM publishes wide-ranging free data sets to assist AI developers

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IBM has published a number of notebooks, datasets and more resources from IBM Research on their Data Asset eXchange (DAX) for developers to use free of cost.

DAX is an online hub with curated, free data sets that AI developers and data scientists can use under open data licenses. The resources on DAX take the form of open-source code, security and compliance information, specialist learning tools and even expert support.

Among the recent additions are three Watson Studio projects. IBM Watson Studio is an enterprise-focused AI developer tool which helps data scientists and researchers to build models and prepare data at scale across any cloud. 

Data Asset eXchange

The new Watson Studio projects are:

  • The DAX Weather Project: utilises the NOAA Weather—JFK Airport dataset
  • The DAX Fashion—MNIST Project: harnesses the Fashion—MNIST dataset
  • The DAX Groningen Meaning Bank Project: uses the DAX GMB dataset

The three projects use the named datasets along with multiple notebooks, demonstrating how to extract, analyse and model the given data, which the user can easily migrate to Watson Studio.

Other additions to DAX include IBM Project Debater datasets, document analysis and extraction datasets (PubTabNet and PubLayNet), Video-Text compliance dataset for video action comprehension, and exploratory data analysis notebooks to better understand the newly-added datasets.

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