Horizon Forbidden West will feature Matrix star Carrie-Anne Moss

Horizon Forbidden West character Tilda who is played by Matrix star Carrie-Anne Moss
(Image credit: Guerrilla Games)

Horizon Forbidden West will star Carrie-Anne Moss, best known for her role as Trinity in the Matrix franchise, as the voice of a new character.

Developer Guerrilla Games released a story trailer for the upcoming title earlier today, detailing many of its new factions, antagonists, and narrative threads. One such character revealed in the new trailer is Tilda, who narrative director Ben McCaw and senior writer Annie Kitain confirmed to be voiced by Moss in an interview with Game Informer.

Tilda appears only briefly at the very end of the trailer, and is described by Kitain as “a mysterious and complicated character with a special connection to the ancient past.” 

"She's someone who we look forward to players unraveling the secret of what she's all about,” Kitain adds.

Moss isn’t the only celebrity to appear in the new trailer. The Wire’s Lance Reddick returns as Sylens - the terse, nomadic explorer who assists Aloy in the first game for his own ends - and Angela Bassett, best known for playing Queen Ramonda in Black Panther, is the voice of primary antagonist and rebel leader Regalla.

Analysis: who is Tilda?

Guerrilla was notably tight-lipped about Moss’s character, but there are a few clues that hint at Tilda’s role in Forbidden West. Most striking is her particularly futuristic white and gold plate suit (all-black leather catsuits clearly aren't as popular in this version of the future), which is a mark above the scraps of clothing worn by the other tribes of the game

Given her futuristic look, Tilda may be a part of a small remnant of the ‘Old Ones’ who somehow survived the wave of self-replicating combat robots that consumed the world and retained their technological superiority. Or, perhaps she’s a member of a tribe in Forbidden West that has mastered the lost technology for their own ends - one of those ends being the creation of some seriously stylish threads. Remember, Guerrilla did say one final, stronger tribe is yet to be revealed

Another hint comes from the trailer’s voiceover. As Moss’s character appears on screen, the voice of GAIA - the super AI that restored civilization after its collapse - is heard saying: "We will find the answers but beware, we're not the only ones who seek them”. It’s a warning, of sorts, and might imply Tilda is another antagonist of the game or someone that’s best avoided.

Strangest of all, however, is the background of the scene. Look past Tilda and you’ll see a neat dining table, complete with table cloth, food, and two chairs. Add to that the faint smile that appears on her face as Aloy approaches, and it rather seems she’s been expecting company.

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