GTT fleet management system looks to help the future of smart city travel

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Global Traffic Technologies (GTT) has announced the release of Opticom 360, an AI-powered, cloud-based fleet management suite. The platform is designed to integrate with GTT’s existing traffic priority solutions, used by client cities and municipalities to improve logistics and give priority to emergency and public transit vehicles at intersections and traffic lights. 

The goal is to further reduce emergency response times and traffic collisions, and provide cities with the kind of live, granular data they need to better execute public services. The new project was made possible thanks to a collaboration between GTT and California-based fleet management company Teletrac Navman.

Primary features of Opticom 360 include the ability for vehicles to request green lights, clearing a path for priority services and reducing the risk of accidents, reduced travel time in non-emergency situations thanks to greater control over the duration of traffic lights, and traditional fleet management features like increased fuel efficiency, reduced idling time, and improved driver safety.

Smart city data

GTT’s announcement comes shortly after a similar move by fleet management provider Samsara, whose new City Insights platform collects anonymized data from its customer base of 15,000 commercial fleets. The data, made freely available to cities and municipalities, is intended to help identify hotspots of dangerous traffic behavior, like harsh stopping, crashing, and speeding. 

Both are reflective of the growing number of ‘smart’ cities—those looking to leverage  sophisticated vehicle tracking and more powerful, AI-based analytics.

According to GTT, this kind of close integration between mobile assets and city infrastructure should enable cities to go “beyond tactical data and on to more strategic insights, leveraging AI to drive meaningful, actionable decisions.”

Christian Rigg

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